Photo: Thomas Harp at the finish line at Jug Mountain 2016 NICA race.


Team C4 was an answer to my prayers as a high school kid who was looking for a sport. None of the staple high school sports caught my eyes and this was simply the answer.  Practices that were very schedule friendly and good people to socialize with I was all for it.

Little did I know I was signing up for a life changing experience. This sport is entirely based off the idea of getting fit and having fun while doing it. The coaches and parents are the most devoted and friendly people, they are there to have fun with the kids not kill them with drills and long hours of painful training.

The races are set up like professional events and are in the most amazing parts of our state. For any middle school or high school student that enjoys the great outdoors, having fun, riding bicycles, socializing, training, racing, eating, and the lamest jokes ever heard by mankind I recommend this team to them.

Thomas Harp

Aaron Buck and Nate Abel cheering on Thomas Harp at Jug Mountain NICA race.

Aaron Buck and Nate Abel cheering on Thomas Harp at Jug Mountain NICA race.


Adam Haynes and Rolling H Cycles are passionate about getting more youth riding.  They are the future of the sport.  Learn more about how to help get them rolling here.

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