Mountain biking means commitment. It means working hard to achieve your biking goals.  2016 was my first year getting out on my mountain bike. I worked hard to learn the trails and all of the components of a bike. I really enjoy the community that mountain biking brought. I also made some good friendships, Cody, Ryan and Tommy, to name a few. Tommy always encouraged me and gave me great tips on using the right gears and what I needed to do. Ryan has a great way of making me laugh even when the ride was tough. Cody stepped in from the start and taught me the ropes, helping me get to know the routine, the coaches, and always challenging me to do better knowing that I could do it.

Riding a mountain bike is another way for me to have fun and it gives me a chance to just think. I love being able to enjoy the smell of the wild, whether it be the desert or the mountains, it’s perfect.  I’ve never experienced anything like the thrill of downhill speed and taking those tight corners. I might wreck a lot, but that’s okay, it only hurts for a moment, but the experience will last me forever.

Tanner Jackson, 13

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New Digs!

New Digs!

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