Q: Why do you want to be involved in cycling as you grow up?
A: Because cycling is a fun way to exercise. When you are riding a bike and it’s a hot day the feel of the wind in your face makes you feel good. My mom road bikes and getting to spend time with her is a fun way to be together and exercise. As I grow I want to get stronger and faster. There are so many nice people that ride bikes, they are always encouraging.

Q: Who inspires you to ride?
A: My mom rides a road bike and it has always looked fun even when she was suffering. My brother Tanner because he rides a mountain bike in races and he always has a fun time. Ms Jessica because she always talks positive about riding a mountain or road bike and makes it sound fun.

Q: Why would you choose cycling instead of another sport?
A: I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike. I like the time we get to go as a family. I like being able to go up and down the hills, even though it can get tiring. Road biking is fun and fast and just makes me smile.

Q: If you were going to tell another kid about cycling, what would you tell them?
A: I would say, Rolling H Cycles has good bikes that can get you started on either road biking or mountain biking depending on what you like to do, even if you don’t know what you like yet. Just give it a try.

I’m really interested and excited to learn how a road bike works, it’s way different than my little kid bikes.

Lyndie Jackson

Adam Haynes and Rolling H Cycles are passionate about getting more youth riding.  They are the future of the sport.  Learn more about how to help get them rolling here.

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