You might not realize it, but dirty bikes and drive trains cause premature wear to your bike.  You love your bike so keep it shiny and efficient.

If you’re a NODIY kind of rider, then drop your bike off at the shop for service.  Choose one of our many tune-up packages.  Let our trained staff assist you in determining the right package for your bike. 


Rolling H Cycles Bike Tune Up


A few simple maintenance tips and then we’ll get into cleaning your bike.

  • If you can’t find the time to wash your bike after each ride, a simple wipe down is helpful.  If you have a mountain bike give a little extra attention to your suspension and dropper seat posts.
  • Check your air pressure on a regular basis.
  • Don’t leave your bike out in the elements for extended periods of time.
  • Keep your bike dry and your chain lubricated.

We recently stocked the floor with the Muc-Off line up of products.  If you like to DIY, check out the Muc-Off “How To” Hub, click here.  Go Green.  The Muc-Off products are biodegradable and eco-friendly.


How to clean your bike with Muc-Off


How to wash your bike:


Start with the grimiest area of your bike, the chain, cassette and chainring.  Use warm soapy water.  If particularly dirty, use a degreaser like Muc-Off Bio Degreaser.  Leave on for a few minutes to let the cleaner loosen the dirt and grime.  Then use a chain and cassette cleaning brush to deep clean.  If you don’t have the tool handy you can use a toothbrush to get in those small areas.  Once you’re done scrubbing, give it a quick rinse.


Pre-wet your bike.  Don’t use a pressure washer, a hose with a spray nozzle on low pressure is great for the job.  Coat the bike with a cleaner designed or bikes.  Leave the cleaner on the bike for a minute or two and then wipe down your frame with a sponge and a soft bristle brush in the extra dirty areas.  Don’t forget to clean your wheels and tires.  Rinse the entire bike.  No access to a hose?  Check out the Nemo Helio Pressure shower here.  We can order those at the shop for you.

We’re currently using the Muc-Off Fast Action bike cleaner to break through the grime.  “Our perfectly pink cleaner is biodegradable, free from acids, CFC’s and solvents, and it’s alkaline based so you can clean away with a guilt-free conscience. It’s safe on all surfaces, and it’s even disc brake rotor and pad friendly. “


Dry your bike.  Make sure your bike is completely dry.  Pro tip: if you have access to an air compressor you can use the air nozzle to spray off the excess moisture. Using a lint free towel, wipe off any excess moisture.

Muc-Off Bike Protect will help disperse any remaining moisture in addition to protecting your bike from premature wear.  “It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain, metal parts and paintwork. It’s ideal to spray onto your chain to drive out moisture before you apply any of our brilliant Muc-Off chain lubes. Bike Protect doesn’t just disperse water after you’ve given your bike a good clean. It also prevents dirt adhesion between washes and reduces future maintenance time as well as helping reduce friction, wear and energy consumption.”


Lubricate your drivetrain.  Choose your favorite chain lube.  We have a few options at Rolling H and recently started using the Muc-Off dry lube.  Since we’re in the high desert and have dry summer heat we recommend the dry lube as it performs well in our weather conditions.




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