Cycling to me is hard work, determination, fun and friends. 

Cycling is a different world to me where the only thing that matters is the trail in front of you and being on two wheels, for me that is.  I find cycling as a getaway from my normal life where I don’t really have to think about anything but the ride I’m doing.

Idaho Youth CyclingMy first race ever was the Oregon 24, I did the shorter 12 hour option since it was my first year of cycling.  I learned that cycling was more than just riding and that I loved racing.

I joined NICA that same year and scored low in every single race, even getting last place on the last race, but I still loved riding.  Then the next year came around and I made a big jump in one year of hard training in cycling.  It really is about hard work and determination.  It taught me to never give up on something I care about as much as something like cycling.  Next year I’ll be riding as a freshman and that means a harder, longer and more fun course to race on.

I’m looking forward to making more cycling friends, support from my coaches and continuing on this cycling journey.  Cycling is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Cody Wyman

Adam Haynes and Rolling H Cycles are passionate about getting more youth riding.  They are the future of the sport.  Learn more about how to help get them rolling here.

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