Pictured: Page Bitz and her dad, Brad Bitz.

Rolling H Cycles has a big goal for 2017: to get more youth involved in the sport of cycling.  We’ll be featuring stories from local kids about what cycling means to them as part of our Impact Blog Series.  First up, Page Bitz.

For me, cycling has always been more than just riding a bike.

From when I was two years old I was able to ride a bike with no training wheels. It was just something that everyone knew how to do at my house. From a very young age I can remember going on family bike rides and taking bikes on vacation wherever we go.

As I grew older riding a bike became more than just a fun thing to do but it grew into something that I enjoyed. Mountain biking soon became my place to escape from everything. I can go to the hills and ride and know exactly where I am going and I can know that it will instantly calm me down. The rolling foothills have become my place to go when I need to work out anger, find peace, be alone, be with friends, or to just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Racing as I have grown older has taken on many meanings to me. I have made so many life long friends that have truly changed my life through the associations that I have through bike racing.  Many of the people that I am closest to and trust I have come to know through cycling.

Not only have I become physically faster and fit because of cycling but I have learned many things about myself as well. I have been able to become more confident and outgoing. Cycling has taught me that it’s ok to fall down as long as you get back up. I have learned that I can work through differences with others and that I always have people supporting me. Even people that I may not know personally are cheering for me and it builds a sense of self-worth that is hard to find anywhere else. Cycling may change for me as time continues but the one thing that will never change is the person that it helped me become. I have been able to find myself and see the kind of person that I want to be as I have been involved in the cycling scene.

– Page Bitz

Adam Haynes and Rolling H Cycles are passionate about getting more youth riding.  They are the future of the sport.  Learn more about how to help get them rolling here.

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