It’s been a little over a year since we opened our doors at Rolling H Cycles… well, 400 days if you want to be really specific. 400 days later and life is still good. Bikes are still my biggest passion, the cycling community in Nampa is growing exponentially, and I still go to bed every night counting my blessings. Some things are the same, but some things have also changed.
Here are some of the yearly highlights:

1) In addition to carrying the Raleigh line, which we love, we added a new bike line to our shop. Anyone heard of Scott before? We are an official Scott dealer and we couldn’t be happier about it. Check it out here.

2) Based on the order tickets, it looks we serviced over 800 bikes in our first 9 months of business. This means you and yours are out riding… well equipped, without flats, and with safe gear. This is what it is all about, go get some.

3) Need a bike rack to park your commuter while you’re strolling around in downtown Nampa? Look no further. The City of Nampa and Rolling H Cycles have collaborated to bring you much needed bike parking in the downtown area.

4) We have officially become responsible for another human being besides ourselves (and no- Michelle and I are not pregnant). Mo Rod, as we will call him in this blog, is now a full time employee at the bike shop. To put it lightly, we are incredibly blessed to have him as apart of our team. He recently went to bike school and is now back, ready to roll up his sleeves and take care of you. If you get the chance, swing in and meet this guy… after five minutes you’ll trust him enough to babysit for you. Seriously, he is top notch and he knows his stuff.

Alright- back to it. The new website is somewhat of an anniversary gift to both you and the shop. One of the most important things to me, as a shop owner, is to cater to you… the guy out on the bike, the woman who is training for her first race, or the family who wants to take a leisurely ride out on the greenbelt. The best way to cater to you and to continue growing the cycling community here in the 2C is to provide a place for you to get information and stay plugged in. Hence, the new website and blog.

So, check out our new digs and don’t forget to take a close look at the events calendar. We’re ironing out some details on a few RHC events that are in the works so check now, and check again later. In the mean time, enjoy some sunshine and go ride your bike.
-Adam & Michelle

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