PICTURE THIS: You’re racing your buddy to the top of the hill.  When you both get to the top, you’re both gassed and thirsty.  You grab your bottle to hydrate and your friend does the same, but they look over spit their water out while laughing hysterically at the cowboy on the mountain bike that is “riding it ranch style” on your water bottle.  Meanwhile, you notice they are using just another freebie they picked up at some event.  Don’t be the one with the boring water bottle.   

Hydration is not a joking matter, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have jokes on water bottles.

Introducing the VERY LIMITED EDITION Condiments Collection!

Inspired by our Trails & Tacos water bottles, the Crank It Up Secret Sauce and Spicy Green Special Sauce.

Every cyclists needs water bottles, even if you use a pack on the trail, you need water in the cooler when you get back.

In 2021 we want more trail time, parking lot grill time, dawn patrol, and trails & tacos nights.  That leads us to the creation of the Condiments Collection. Could these bottles signal the start of a new ride?  Bikes and Burgers anyone? I mean, we did create the Trails & Tacos bottles for our Tuesday night rides.  

We only ordered 50 of each, so collect your favorite (or all of them) before they are gone.

  • Ranch – Riding it Ranch Style
  • Ketchup – Better Catch Up
  • Mustard – Must Try Hard
  • Relish – Relish the Ride
  • Mayo – May Yo’ Ride Be Rad

All bottles are in stock and available for purchase right now.  Only 50 of each were made.  Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite.