What is Adam up to?

This question gets asked a lot at the shop.  

Over the past 9 years, Adam, the owner at Rolling H, has realized a few things.  One of those things being that quality people elevate every aspect of life and business.  His physical presence may not be noticed in the shop from open to close and with quality people in place he is afforded the space to innovate new ideas for growth in the community.  

Creating this space has allowed Adam the opportunity to be up to a few different things, some bike shop related, and some focused in other areas.

Lately he has decided to return to “start up mode” and launch a professional photography business called Photo Bravo

He has been the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League (IICL) photographer for 4 years sharpening his photo eye.  As he developed a portfolio of photos through IICL photography he was getting requests for bookings with families and senior pictures.  With that Photo Bravo was created.  

Another “start up” has been his interests in triathlon.  In his 20’s Adam competitively raced triathlons throughout the Northwest.  After the 2008 Boise 70.3 Ironman, Adam decided to take some time off from running after a doctor’s advice.  During the past year of the pandemic he has found himself running more regularly.  Now at 36 he has decided to get back in the triathlon game and train for an Xterra in October.  This time around he has relied heavily on life experience and sport specific coaches.  Stay tuned for training progress and more details about his equipment and experiences. 

You may have noticed @BikeNHunt on Instagram. 

This is an online space for Adam to share his passion for bikes, hunting, and photography in one area.  One thing he has learned in his years in bike shops is that cycling is something that is not always a stand alone sport.  He’s been using his bike for hunting for a few years now and is excited to show others how he has combined bikes and hunting.

Most importantly, as many of you know, his most exciting “start up” of all has been his family. 

Be it the shop family, our customers as part of the Rolling H family, and of course his Haynes family.  Adam and Michelle create the possibility of growing businesses, their community, and the space for family adventures and memories.  

Drop by the shop and tell us what you are up to!