2021 Routes & Dates TBD

Prior year info is posted below to give you an idea of what we are up to!

The H Out of Bounds ride series was created by our staff.  Why? 
Out of a passion for cycling and community!

Cold winter months left us dreaming of long rides, epic memories, and belly laughs with friends.  These dreams will be lived out as the H Out of Bounds ride series this summer.  3 epic rides.  More memories than we can count will be created.

We’re on a mission to create opportunities to connect with like minded folks. This is just one of those opportunities.  All rides will start at 7:30 am and there is only one way to get the route details…drop your email info here.  →  CLICK HERE

What is H Out of Bounds?

It’s an unofficial ride series.  We’re officially going to have fun, but it’s self supported.  That means you bring what you mean for a day in the saddle.  And we mean a full day. 

How many rides?

There will be 3 rides.  It’s a no host ride.  Routes will be sent via email.  Click here to get ride details. 

How long are the rides?

Plan for a full day on the bike.  Each ride is 40+ miles with significant elevation gain.

Who can sign up?

These are for anyone that loves to challenge their fitness.  Geared towards endurance riders and routes are appropriate for hardtail mountain bikes or gravel bikes.

What are the routes?

The routes are briefly described below on this page.  To get full details be sure to get on the email list.

What are the ride dates?

May 11, 2019

June 22, 2019

July 6, 2019

I love a good adventure with friends.  It’s great to get out on the trails with a bunch of people and just spend time on a bike.  It’s gonna be an adventure.

"Birdman" Andrew Bertram


Boise Mega Loop

41 miles
6,500 feet elevation gain

Ride starts with a climb on Hard Guy and travels through Mahalo and Sweet Connie. This ride is more of a mountain bike ride, but you could hike a bike with your gravel grinder in areas. Plan at least 6 hours ride time.

Boise Ridge to Robie

46 Miles
6,977 feet elevation gain

The figure 8 loop will start and finish at Military Reserve. Budget a full day on the bike hitting the gravel grinds up Shaw Mountain Road, Boise Ridge Road, up to Robie and on Rocky Canyon road.

Silver City

56 Miles
5,437 feet elevation gain

This ride will be the longest route and lowest elevation gain, but it’s a grinder. This route is an out and back from Hemingway Butte to Silver City and back. If you’ve never explored the Owyhees, you’re in for a treat.

I am really excited to do some long rides with some great people.  I look forward to the opportunity to push myself and have fun doing it.  As a mountain biker, it’s exciting to explore some longer rides on gravel.  Now to decide what bike to use, hardtail or my gravel grinder.

Lee Wyman

What is it?

  • Unofficial RHC ride series
  • Intended to challenge your fitness
  • 3 rides of 40+ miles and significant elevation gain
  • Geared toward endurance riders both Hardtail and Gravel
  • Support the Nampa/Boise cycling community
  • Encourage the cycling adventure
  • Memories will be made

DATES To Be Determined for 2021