Jacob’s whip.  Niner Rip 9 RDO customized.

Working in a bike shop, one of the first questions we get asked is “what do you ride?”  

This year we’ll be sharing employee bike setups.

Jacob is a man that appreciates the finest things in life like collectible Nikes, flying planes (he’s in flight school), and a custom bike built with the finest of components.

Jacob rides a Niner Rip 9 RDO, size Large. The reason we share the size is that he’s what we call a bubble rider, he could ride a medium or large depending on the bike. That said, it’s his first large bike ever.  He ordered the 5-star build and made many upgrades outlined below.


  • Full Deity Cockpit – bar, stem, grips
  • TRP DHR Evo gold brakes
  • Zipp Moto Wheels
  • Fox Factory 36 fork Kashima
  • Fox DPX 2 rear Kashima
  • Travel 150 front 140 rear (He rides it like its a 200 mm travel bike)
  • AXS dropper and drivetrain – Rainbow was his choice out of all the color finishes
  • HT clipless pedals

Why the NINER RIP 9 RDO?

Jacob chose the Niner because it’s set up like a true trail bike with a 66 degree head tube angle with a flip chip to 65 so it’s very playful under you.  He wanted something different and a bit unique.  Plus he was stoked to try the Niner line.

One of the specs to be appreciated about SRAM AXS drivetrain is the carbon cranks.  If you’re a techy geek like Jacob, or just like what is hot and new on the market, then check out the SRAM AXS drivetrain.  (Jacob is just one of many at the shop running this drivetrain.)

Favorite Trail

His favorite trail to rip on his Rip 9 is Hot Shot at Tamarack. He loves anything at TamFam.  Jacob loves the lifts and letting it rip.  

Most frequent change to his bike.

TIRES:  He loves switching out his tires to see what is perfect for the Idaho lift serve trails.  He is currently running Michelin tires, DH 34 rear and DH 22 front.  These are downhill casing on the tires for more sidewall integrity to hold up to the rocks as well as not worrying about rolling the tire off the rim. He says the extra weight is worth it.  Jacob is a true Michelin tire fan, but really he likes to try all the brands.  A little secret, most of the shop loves Maxxis, and Jacob wants to be an expert in all the other choices.  

What he has to say about his bike.

It’s a lot of fun and a super capable trail bike and great for lift serve days. 

What would he upgrade at this point?

If there were anything he would change anything at this point it would be the Cane Creek Eewing crank.  

Favorite upgrade.

His favorite upgrade is TRP DHR Evo gold brakes.  

We’ll be sharing another blog post about his TRP DHR EVO gold brakes