Wilson Creek trail maintenance fundraiser hosted by Rolling H Cycles.

The “I Dig Wilson” fundraiser is being hosted to support the improvements to the trail system.  The system is used year-round by mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and equestrians.  Its peak use is during the winter months when the Ridge to Rivers trail system in Boise is too muddy for use.

During the winter months most trails in Boise and Eagle are too muddy.  When Eagle Bike Park, Table Rock, and the Ridge to Rivers trails (like Hulls Gulch and Military Reserve) are muddy, many people expand their ride season by driving 45 minutes to the Owyhee Front.  And of course, we’re already missing the epic trails at Bogus Basin since they are obviously closed for ski season.  So if you are not into winter sports, we welcome you to our home trails, Wilson Creek. 

The Wilson Creek Trail Crew has been taking care of trail maintenance for several years by repairing damaged trails by filling in deep holes and shoring up blown out edges.  Their efforts have expanded to not only be focused on reducing erosion, protecting vegetation, and improving the trails for everyone but also replacing and repairing the trail signs damaged by the Soda Fire in 2015.

Replacing signs at Wilson Creek that were damaged in the 2015 Soda Fire.

What is next at Wilson Creek?

Updates on Hard Trigger Drop and two fixes on Trail 100!

With funding and trail volunteers, we can do even more.  It takes time with planning, fundraising, and approval.  The plan for the Wilson Creek Trail Crew will start with the Hard Trigger area in an effort to expand the useable routes on the Wilson Creek trails.  This is an existing trail that has challenges for use.  With only 35 miles of trails at the trail system, it’s important to maintain and repair our trails to ease congestion and erosion on the frequently used areas.  Maintained trails allow users to explore more of the Owyhee Front and spread out the users on the trails during peak times and days.

Hard Trigger maintenance details:

The trail crossing, a tributary of Little Hard Trigger Creek is not rideable and requires dismounting and crossing a riparian zone. A culvert would allow trail users to cross the small creek without getting wet, but most importantly, not damaging the stream bed.

Once the work is completed on Hard Trigger, the Wilson Creek Trail Crew will address two sections of Trail 100.  One is the mud bog and the other is when you take the Y and head up the creek, much of the trail has been damaged and slid out.  The goal is to create a more sustainable trail and add supports as necessary.

Hard Trigger drop trail work

Did we just say MORE rideable trails?  Yes, yes we did.  

These trails are what we consider “vintage, wild, and raw”, but mostly the long forgotten unless you are Gary, Tom, and a few other Wilson Creek die hards.  Those who ride the unexplored, or have been riding Wilson Creek before it was a common place to ride, know Hard Trigger and Little Hard Trigger like the back of their hand.

Most people who visit Wilson Creek are there for Bingo and China Ditch, but Wilson Creek has some amazing scenery in a few other places.

Rob Tuft, part of the Wilson Creek Trail Crew & head coach for team C4 (part of NICA/IICL), frequents the Hard Trigger loop.  You can read his trail report and see his routes on Trailforks.  Click here to get the routeFYI – At the time of writing this post, the trail reports coming in are often that Trail 200 is too muddy to ride to access Hard Trigger in early February.  The route is best used in the early mornings before the temps warm up and thaw the trail.  Late winter and early spring are always interesting times for conditions on the trail.

What Rolling H is up too, is fundraising to support the efforts of the Wilson Creek Trail Crew to complete the maintenance on the trails.  RHC is collecting donations to offset the costs of materials for the trail work.  

You can call the shop, (208) 466-7655 or donate online here.

The fundraising efforts will allow for much-needed trail repairs and improvements.  This will make the trails more accessible and expands the rideable mileage at Wilson Creek trail system.

For those wondering, the Wilson Creek trail system is open to non-motorized use.  You can download the Bureau of Land Management trail map here.  Most trail users prefer Trailsforks or MTBProject, some even love a little app you might know about called Strava?  Just kidding, we think everyone uses Strava.

Artist, Nathun Finkhouse, shared his art of an abstract drawing of the iconic hill next to the parking lots.  It’s a frequent photo opportunity at Wilson Creek and now your $40 donation to the project will get you not only improved trails, but also this design on your I Dig Wilson t-shirt.

Wilson Creek trails are also the home of the Tuesday night Trails & Tacos ride hosted by your Nampa bike shop, Rolling H Cycles.  The rides will resume sometime in late March.  Watch our Facebook page for when the event details are published!   


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