Is your dream bike on backorder or sold out for the year?

Not to worry, we can make your current ride better with some awesome upgrades.

Will, Jacob, and Ben put together an upgrade package with TRP and e*Thirteen. You can be stopping sharper and climbing easier with these sick upgrades.

Every mountain biker covets the 1×12 drivetrain and e*Thirteen killed it with their 9 to 50 tooth count cassette. You read that right, the highest gear on this cassette is a 9 tooth for those moments you really want to hammer it out. All that climbing ease with a 50 tooth climbing gear.

At Rolling H we are big fans of TRP brakes. Lately, it’s one of the top upgrades on well-loved bikes as well as straight from the sales floor. We stock everything from the entry-level Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to the ultimate gold, the TRP DHR EVO gold brakes with all the stopping power of the 4 piston caliper.  Click here to see them on Jacob’s custom build!

Let’s break down this upgrade package.

First, you’ll need to be sure your crankset is set up for a 1x setup.  If not, we can help you with that part too!

  • TRP 12 speed shifter
  • TRP 12 speed rear derailleur
  • e*Thirteen 12 speed cassette (9 to 50 tooth count)
  • TRP DHR EVO Silver 4 piston hydraulic brakes

Our passion is more people on bikes. We love supporting you with customizations. Jacob, Ben, Will, Adam, and Jessica are ready to help you upgrade your ride. Drop by and talk with one of us today.


We do have many bikes in stock and receive shipments almost weekly.  So call us at 208.466.7655 to see if we have your dream bike!  And if you’re one of the lucky ones, bring your bike in and see if we can offer a trade-in credit.  Your used bike just might be someone else’s dream bike.