Scott has spent the last 60 years celebrating the sports industry, by taking a no shortcuts approach to every product. We house a wide collection of Scott Bicycles in every size, style, and color. If you don’t see it here, that doesn’t mean it’s not available.


Founded in 1994 out of a garage in California, with a vision to create a norm of full suspension bikes. Santa Cruz manufactures a range of both carbon fiber and aluminum bikes. “We build simply advanced bikes of such high quality that it results in No Missed Rides; as a business we believe bicycles are a force for good, and the people who ride our bikes share our obsession.”


The Haro brand has played a huge role in the BMX/Freestyle biking industry since 1978. They have since become a quality manufacturer of a variety of biking styles from Kids/PreWheelz, BMX and Mountain, to Urban Cruiser and more. That being said the there is quite a selection to choose from with Haro, and can be acquired through special orders. Prices do vary depending on availability and build package selection.


For over 30 years we’ve been designing and manufacturing bicycles unmatched in their performance, value and style. Jamis Bicycles. The Power of Design.