The best Boise greenbelt bicycle.

You could use it Nampa too!  Really anywhere with a bike path.  Boise just happens to have a really long mostly continuous path from Eagle to Sandy Point.

We’ve been seeing some blue skies here and there (depends on the day…or minute).  Those  glimples of blue sky makes some of us think about riding our bikes a little more than usual.

For some reason, it makes me think of hopping on the greenbelt and cruising along the Boise River.  Maybe also taking a break and grabbing a cup of coffee to warm up partway through the ride.  That type of ride makes me think of cruiser bikes.

I’m digging the Jamis Earth Cruiser.  Nothing makes me wish for sunny days more than cruiser rides on the greenbelt.

If you’ve avoided cruiser bikes in the past because they were heavy single speeds and a tank to ride up the hills, then you’ll probably love the Earth Cruiser too.

The aluminum frame is surprisingly lightweight.  In fact, every time a customer picks the bike up they quickly mention, “that’s lighter than I expected”.  We agree, and love that not only is it lightweight, but is also a 3-speed.

I think of 3 speeds as the Goldilocks of cruiser bikes.  One gear is not enough.  Eight gears is too much and more than I’ll use on the greenbelt.  But three gears is just right!    The best part is that with an internally geared 3-speed, you eliminate a rear derailleur since the shifting mechanism is in the rear wheel hub.  That means not worrying about bending a derailleur if it gets a little bumped around.


  • 26″ wheels with a wider platform for smooth riding
  • Memory foam comfort seat
  • Color matched chain guard
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Internally geared 3-speed
  • Kickstand included
  • Comfortable steering with a setup to minimize back pain – “no-weight-on-the-wrists” riding position.

Staff pick upgrades we would do:

  1. Topeak Fixer 3e quick release front basket to hold all your goodies!
  2. Tannus Armour inserts for flat prevention.  It’s our most popular product for battling puncture vines, a.k.a. goatheads.
  3. Bell or horn. (Jessica picks the MSW Unicorn for her bikes)  When riding in busy areas, a bell is key to alert other users you’re passing.

 Cruiser bike accessories

Jamis calls it the Diet Cruiser. 

“Many cruisers weigh well north of 40 pounds. Not so with the Earth Cruiser. Because nothing gets more uncomfortable faster than having to pedal more weight than necessary, we’ve pared as many grams from the Earth Cruiser as we could. Starting with the lightweight aluminum frame and a parts pick that’s nearly all lightweight alloy parts. The result is a 29 pound Earth Cruiser 1 that’s pure joy to pedal.”